World Economic Forum Report: 14 Million Jobs Could Disappear By 2027 Due To AI

The World Economic Forum predicts that AI and other technologies could eliminate nearly 2% of current jobs, or around 14 million positions, by 2027.

Administrative and record-keeping positions are most vulnerable, but creative and analytical thinking skills are increasingly important for workers.

Key Points:

  • 14 million jobs, or 2% of current employment, may disappear by 2027 due to the widespread use of AI and other technology.
  • Administrative and record-keeping roles are most at risk of being replaced by automation.
  • Over 85% of companies surveyed see the adoption of new technology as the biggest driver of transformation within their organizations.
  • Creative and analytical thinking are among the most important skills for workers in 2023 and beyond.
  • Cognitive skills have a growing importance in an increasingly technology-driven workplace.

Personal Insights:

  • This will be hard on people, having the pace of change speed up like this.
  • For many, retraining is hard.
  • But regardless, this is going to happen everywhere faster than ever…

Article Highlights:

  • A new report found that the adoption of new technology and AI will be the biggest drivers of company transformation within the next five years as more tasks will be automated.
  • Technology will likely be the most prominent factor in both eliminating and creating jobs within the next five years,
  • The report found that analytical thinking was the most crucial skill for employees, followed by creative thinking — others that were among the high ranks were resilience, self-awareness, and curiosity.

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