Google Assistant dominates Siri in new AI voice test

A test comparing the artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistants Google Assistant and Siri. The test measured the assistants’ ability to answer a series of questions and perform tasks, as well as their overall naturalness and ease of use.

The results showed that Google Assistant outperformed Siri in almost every category, with a wider range of responses and more accurate and useful information

Key Points:

  • A test conducted by digital agency Stone Temple compared the AI voice assistants Google Assistant and Siri in terms of their ability to answer questions and complete tasks.
  • Google Assistant outperformed Siri in almost every category, with a 15% higher rate of correct answers and a 10% higher rate of useful answers.
  • Google Assistant also received higher marks for overall naturalness and ease of use.
  • At the Google I/O conference, Google debuted several new features for Google Assistant, including a more natural-sounding voice, the ability to make phone calls and appointments, and the ability to understand and respond to multiple commands at once.
  • These advancements put Google Assistant in a stronger position to compete with Siri and other AI voice assistants, as they continue to develop and improve.

Personal Insights:

  • I wish Alexa could do more ‘googling’ Alexa is in every room of our house – but as an intercom, a music player, and a cooking timer…
  • Siri helps me dial phone numbers and remember reminders.
  • We only have one Google device to play with – and we never think to use it… but it is great at googling..
  • We’re just not used to thinking of it to speak to.. Amazon won that hands down…

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