Amazon’s Prime Air drones to deliver packages in under 30 minutes

Amazon has been working on a new service called Prime Air, which uses autonomous drones to deliver packages in under 30 minutes. The service is set to launch in the coming months and has the potential to revolutionize the package delivery industry.

Key Points:

  1. Amazon has been developing Prime Air since 2013, and the service is finally ready to launch in select cities.
  2. The drones used in Prime Air are fully autonomous and can fly up to 15 miles with packages weighing up to 5 pounds.
  3. The drones use advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to navigate and avoid obstacles during flight.
  4. Prime Air will initially only be available to Amazon Prime members and in areas with the necessary infrastructure to support the service.
  5. The launch of Prime Air could significantly reduce delivery times and costs for Amazon, and could pave the way for other companies to adopt similar technology.

Personal Insights:

  • I think it will be a while before it gets to us out on the mountain but it is a pretty impressive solution to the last mile of delivery.

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