Amazon Transcribe adds real-time speech-to-text support for US Spanish

Amazon Transcribe, the automatic speech recognition service from Amazon Web Services, now supports real-time speech-to-text transcription for US Spanish. This enhances language support for the service and makes it easier for organizations to transcribe live Spanish-language content.

Key Points:

  1. Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition service that can transcribe audio recordings into text.
  2. The service previously supported US English and several other languages, but now also supports US Spanish in real-time.
  3. This means that organizations can use Amazon Transcribe to transcribe live Spanish-language content, such as speeches, webinars, and broadcasts.
  4. Amazon Transcribe uses machine learning to transcribe speech, and can handle different accents, dialects, and background noise.
  5. The addition of real-time US Spanish speech-to-text support is part of Amazon’s efforts to enhance language support for its AWS services.

Personal Insights:

  • How weird is it that we almost now kind of ‘expect’ this to be normal
  • First translation, then transcription, like talking to text on your phone, now it’s realtime
  • So back and forth in like zoom, skype, etc – barriers are coming down to connecting everyone

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