AI’s Business Uses: McKinsey Highlights the Top Two Areas for Growth

McKinsey Analytics has identified the top areas where AI is expected to have the greatest impact and how AI can help businesses automate processes, develop new products and services, and drive growth.

Key Points:

  1. The report highlights two areas where AI is expected to have the biggest impact: automating business processes and developing new products and services.
  2. AI can help businesses increase efficiency by automating routine tasks, improving decision-making, and reducing errors.
  3. AI can also help businesses develop new products and services by identifying new opportunities, improving product design, and enhancing the customer experience.
  4. However, the adoption of AI also poses challenges and risks, such as the need for significant investment, potential job displacement, and ethical concerns around data privacy and bias.
  5. To realize the full potential of AI, businesses need to develop a clear strategy, invest in the right talent and technology, and address the social and ethical implications of AI adoption.

Personal Insights:

Article Highlights:

  • Through an in-depth examination of more than 400 actual AI use cases across 19 industries and nine business functions, we’ve discovered an old adage proves most useful in answering the question of where to put AI to work: “Follow the money.”
  • While applications of AI cover a full range of functional areas, it is in fact in these two cross-cutting ones—supply-chain management/manufacturing and marketing and sales—where we believe AI can have the biggest impact
  • In manufacturing, the greatest value from AI can be created by using it for predictive maintenance (about $0.5 trillion to $0.7 trillion across the world’s businesses). AI’s ability to process massive amounts of data, including audio and video, means it can quickly identify anomalies to prevent breakdowns, whether that be an odd sound in an aircraft engine or a malfunction on an assembly line detected by a sensor.

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