AI ‘predicts crime with 90 per cent accuracy’

There is a new tool that can tell how much crime there will be in different cities in the USA. It was tested by looking at two kinds of crime: violent crimes (like murder and fighting) and property crimes (like stealing things). This new tool is better than other tools because it takes into account things like the police and the city environment.

Key Points:

  • A new AI model has been created that can accurately predict crime levels in major US cities several weeks in advance.
  • The tool was tested and validated by focusing on two broad categories of reported events: violent crimes (homicides, assaults, and batteries) and property crimes (burglaries, thefts, and motor vehicle thefts).
  • Previous efforts at crime prediction have often used an epidemic or seismic approach, where crime is depicted as emerging in ‘hotspots’ that spread to surrounding areas. These tools often overlook the city environment as well as the relationship between crime and the effects of police enforcement.
  • The new model divides the city into spatial tiles roughly 1,000 feet (300 metres) across and predicts crime within these areas instead of relying on traditional neighbourhoods or political boundaries.
  • Chattopadhyay conceded that the data used by his model will also be biased but says that efforts have been taken to reduce the effect.

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Personal Insights:

  • I think it’s amazing how the concept of digital twins is going to help us model and predict things in the future. Not exactly Westworld yet. Pretty amazing. I can’t help but think about the implications in so many different industries, health, environment, industrial applications, etc.

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