6 Predictions On How Apple Will Join The AI Business Race

Apple is predicted to make significant moves in the AI industry, including acquiring AI startups and developing its own AI-powered products.

The company is expected to focus on healthcare, autonomous vehicles, and improving Siri’s capabilities.

Key Points:

  • Apple is likely to acquire AI startups to strengthen its presence in the AI industry.
  • The company is expected to develop AI-powered healthcare solutions and improve Siri’s capabilities.
  • Apple may enter the autonomous vehicle market by collaborating with existing car manufacturers.
  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are areas where Apple could leverage AI technology.
  • The company might also explore AI-powered home automation and smart devices.

Personal Insights:

  • Apple will move slow, deeply integrate AI into everything behind the scenes and show up strong in a very thoughtful way.

Article Highlights:

  • Apple hasn’t yet made its big AI move. Here are 6 predictions on what they will do, and how each might affect your business.

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